Environment Working Group

In June 2022 the Parish Council approved a proposal to form an Environment Working Group to consider what actions could be taken in the Parish to support environmental sustainability.

The group will generate ideas, gather information and then put forward proposals to the Full Council.

Environment Working Group – Terms of Reference: Environment Working Group Terms of Reference



Want to read more? Chris Gibson has worked with the Group to discuss the exciting possibilities of the village ecosystems. Read his blog here – https://www.chrisgibsonwildlife.co.uk/great-bentley-village-green-a-once-and-future-essex-heathland/.

The TDC Climate Emergency Action Plan can be viewed here: https://www.tendringdc.gov.uk/sites/default/files/Climate%20Emergency%20Cabinet%20Accessible.pdf

The ECC advice pack ‘Taking Action on Climate Change can be viewed here: 22108bii ECAC Resident Advice Pack 2022

The Centre for Sustainable Energy Carbon Footprint Report for Great Bentley September 2022 can be viewed here: 22108bi Impact Report – Great Bentley-2022-09-03


Cllr John Wharton (Chair)

Cllr Pippa Dennitts

Cllr Frances Edwards

Cllr Robert Taylor

Andrew Whitefield

Michael Dorling