Highways and Traffic

Tell Essex County Council about road or highway issues

Essex County Council carry out regular inspections of roads and pavements on our network, but recognise that issues may come up between these inspections. These could be potholes or other road surface issues, damaged street lights, overgrown trees or missing lit bollards.

You can tell Essex County Council about maintenance issues online by using the highways reporting tool. Just click on the link below;


If you think there’s a risk to public safety, do not report it online, please call Essex County Council immediately on 0345 603 7631 or if you have hearing problems you can use the text phone service on 0345 758 5592


Great Bentley Parish Council  – lobbying for improvements

Parish Councils have limited powers when it comes to making Highways Improvements and so work with County and District Councils and councillors to look at local issues with a view to collecting evidence to support any requests for change. This ‘evidence’ might include things like reports and speed surveys. These documents will be made publicly available below. Just click the relevant link to see the report.


ECC Speed survey Plough Road Aingers Green SEPTEMBER 2021

ECC SPEED SURVEY SEP 2018 – Plough Road Aingers Green

ECC SPEED SURVEY JUNE 2018 – Speed and volume survey Colles Brook Rd