Parish Council

Great Bentley Parish Council consists of 9 Parish Councillors (see the contacts page), who are responsible for administering a significant budget for the benefit of the local community.  The Parish Council has powers to provide local infrastructure such as allotments, car parks and play areas among other things. By being closer to the local community than say the district and county councils, the parish council can more easily meet local needs.  Importantly the Parish Council is also entitled to be consulted on any planning applications that affect the village.

The Parish Council meets on the first Thursday of every month. The Agenda for each meeting is posted on the notice boards three clear working days before the meeting.  All agendas, minutes and annual reports of the Parish Council and its sub-committees can be found on this website.

The Parish Council is part of open-government and meetings are open to the public except in specific circumstances where it is appropriate that agenda items must be addressed in a closed forum. On these rare occasions, details of the closed elements will be announced when the meeting agenda is issued.