Vaccinations Volunteers Required

Across Essex more and more vaccination centres are opening, including in our District.

The NHS are looking for volunteers to help run these centres, 7 days a week, and anyone can help out!

There are four Volunteer roles that the NHS are looking for:

  • Stewards – You will be responsible for ensuring that people flow around the site efficiently and safely
  • Admin Support- You will be working closely with the rest of the team to ensure that data is recorded correctly
  • Healthcare Assistant – You will be responsible for sanitising the vaccination pods, ensuring vaccines can be delivered safely
  • Immuniser – You will be responsible for administering the vaccine, discussing concerns, and recognising and dealing with any medical emergency that may arise (essential to read the details in the link)

For more details about these roles please follow this :

The shift pattern for volunteers will be a minimum of a 4 hours.

If you, or anyone you know anyone who would like to volunteer in these roles please follow the link below: