Speed/Volume Traffic Surveys

Earlier in the year several residents expressed concerns to the Parish Council about traffic speeds through the village and motorists not observing the posted speed limits on Thorrington Road and Weeley Road, Great Bentley and Plough Road, Aingers Green. At the time the Parish Council reported the concerns to Essex County Council Local Highways Panel. Before any remedial action is taken the Highways Panel is required to gather evidence in the form of a Traffic Speed/Volume Survey, however with the Covid-19 lockdown period in place it was considered that the low traffic levels would not produce a meaningful result.

In October, the Highways Department considered the traffic levels were near normal and so surveys could be conducted.  The Plough Road, Aingers Green survey is still to take place but over a 7-day period, 24 hours a day, between 13th and 19th October inclusive the other two surveys took place. The results of the survey have now been analysed and see Thorrington Road and Weeley Road for the full detailed results.

These average speeds are perhaps lower than was expected and somewhat surprising. That said it is recognised that judging traffic speeds is a notoriously difficult skill. Nevertheless, Essex Highways Engineers are investigating ways to help reduce speeds. This may take the form of 30 mph roundels on the road. In addition, the Parish Council is also investigating ways of enhancing the entrances to the village in the form of gateways which are already known to assist in the reduction of traffic speed.