Fraud Alert

Dear Residents,

The information below has been bought to my attention by Clacton Police CID regarding a nasty scam which is being particularly targeted at the elderly in our area of North Essex, and they wish to draw attention, regarding this matter to as many people as possible.

The Police are currently investigating a series of courier frauds, to which the basic offence is elderly victims who are being contacted via suspects claiming to be from their bank. They are often using the COVID19 crisis as a reason, but claim the victims bank card needs replacing, and that a courier will attend their home address in order to do so. The suspects have a great deal of the victims personal data, including date of births, how long they have been a member of the bank and what type of accounts they have which is why they are so believable and are being so successful. 

We have been asked to pass on this information in order for those at risk to be vigilant and not to provide their banking details, nor cards to anyone who is alleging on being a courier at their home address. The police don’t wish to scare, however, the message is needed to be passed on to hopefully prevent further victims falling foul of this matter. 

This is certainly targeted at North Essex, but covers the surrounding counties and is undoubtedly nationwide.

Please be aware and report any incidents to the police either on 101 or our own PCSO.

Many thanks


Cllr. Lynda McWilliams
Tendring District Council
Ward Councillor to the Parishes of
Great Bentley, Little Bentley and Frating and the 
Cabinet Member with the portfolio for Partnerships.

See the Fraud Alert relayed by District Councillor Lynda McWilliams