Colchester Future Transport Stategy

Colchester Future Transport Strategy

Please see the link for details on the new Colchester Future Transport Strategy

The Future Transport Strategy has been developed by Essex Highways with the support of Colchester Borough Council and is intended to provide a blueprint against which future transport planning will be assessed. 

Within the strategy, it recognises that many people travel by car and that many journeys are short and could often be made by alternative means. During the lockdown in the earlier part of this year we saw a significant drop in traffic levels and congestion in the town, while air quality improved and more people began cycling and walking. 

Recognising the need for future planning to focus on health and wellbeing, whilst also maintaining Colchester’s heritage and local economy, the strategy sets out a varied approach, creating four zones, each with its own priority. 

We are now sharing this strategy with the public. On the website, you will see the engagement document which sets out the strategy in more detail. Alongside this, we will be running a survey over the coming weeks through which people can give their views.  

If you have any questions on the strategy, please do not hesitate to contact